Manufacturing process

Warehousing Department

Our warehouse contains an extensive range of wood species and raw materials from where we choose our materials to meet our clients' demanding requirements. This display of materials facilitate the layout of our time organization and working performances.

Curve-pressing Department

To fulfill any requests, we have a plethora of presses available for bending wood and other materials. These presses cover a range of power ratings and dimensions which cope with pieces measuring up to almost 4 metres in length. Alongside the presses, we have a high-frequency generator for the stabilization and bonding of pieces.

Membrane-pressing Department

In the light of recent technological developments, we are in a position to offer post-formed curved furnishings and furniture components made from wood, PVC and other plastic materials. Thanks to this service executed through our skilled and experienced collaborators, we can offer our clients valid alternatives including for example, lacquered surfaces.

Pantograph Department

The CNC workstation, a 5-axle pantograph and other traditional pantographs, guarantee absolute precision for all operations, including squaring, boring, crown moulding and milling on surfaces of any shape and curvature – including the specific and demanding surfaces, such as those in 3D.

Edging Department

With the aim to meet the needs of our clients, we have installed equipment to carry out edging performances, with CNC machines connected to presses and frame presses, allowing us to edge (even large-format) products with different radius and heights, regardless of its thickness and shape. The main materials used for edging are wood, ABS, laminates, PVC and paperboard.

Assembly Department

Our assembly services – which can either be carried out manually or with the use of frame presses and appropriate structures – ensure major flexibility in the working of materials than that achieved through industrial assembling as well as certain operations like the working of complex pieces which require individual attention in order to obtain a perfect result only a technician could assure.

Finishing Department

For us, finishing is not just about the polishing of untreated pieces – rather, it is the fundamental stage of control and optimization that makes the product complete and ready for packaging and delivery or for subsequent working. To align the quality of this phase with that of the preceding phases, we have customized and optimized our machinery and methods, with the automatic polisher flanked by a manual polisher, to ensure a truly excellent result.

Coating Department

The coating service has been developed with reliable, highly experienced professional partners, thereby guaranteeing the most effective treatment on the basis of the nature of the treated surface – always with the same ultimate aim: unrivalled quality.

Packaging Department

To meet our clients' requirements, we offer various packaging solutions, including those involving the use of specific protection and special boxes. On request, we can also add barcodes to the packaging in order to facilitate the identification of the content.