The Panel Trasformation

The transformation of the panel door Curve, Curved Front Drawer, Curved Base is now perfectly matched to any of the kitchen door straight to the bathroom cabinet.
Technology and know-how have enabled the development of curvature of the doors with the use of panels of plywood, particle board or MDF considered eco-friendly materials in fact replace the use of solid wood.

The Finish ranges from traditional coating with the veneer in different wood types to the most innovative eco-friendly PET, a product fully recyclable alternative to PVC.

And 'possible to combine your series production of the coating more resistant doors with curved laminate edged 4 sides or painted with an elegant lacquer finish, but also with a high quality melamine that provides a visual effect entirely consistent with the wood.
The Anta curve with innovative coatings has more characteristics of its color fastness, impact resistance, dimensional stability as well as being an aesthetic element characteristic of the cabinet.

The curved doors are distinguished by type of construction panel or door to door Curve Curve Frame Panel consists of Central and a curved frame.