Raw material

Our ongoing research into innovative, technologically guaranteed materials allows us to satisfy a wide range of complex design and manufacturing requirements. For this reason, we can offer our clients finished products of superior performance and at the same time, taking care of the environment and nature. Glued laminated timber (or 'glulam' for short) has physical characteristics and mechanical properties – such as resistance, elasticity and ductility –superior to those of solid wood. As such, glulam is considered an anisotropic material whose properties, under stress, behave differently according to its direction in relation to that of its fibre.




Easy to work, this species has limited mechanical resistance and good stability. Used as a substitute for several types of wood difficult to find.


A wood of medium weight and hardness, highly elastic and very easy to work.


Low-density, suitable for non-structural elements, it is also used for plywood and external facings, for smooth surfaces without any knots or fillings.


Compact unrolled wood with good mechanical resistance especially when exposed to humidity;


A very consistent material with good stability, it is particularly useful thanks to its lightness and structure.


Board of compact fibre- layers used for internal and external material for lacquered or padded items.






High-density board of fibre layers with smooth surfaces used for external material for PVC facings or similar.


A low-cost fibre-board used for internal material.

Other products with specific technical, mechanical and weight properties can be used to meet specific requirements.