Manufacturing possibilities

Wood curving is an art, excellence, and the synthesis of creativity, technical expertise and innovation:

We boast of thirty years of experience in the manufacture of curved furnishings and furniture components, made of plywood and glued laminated timber.

Here are just some of the most significant examples:

- Components for furniture- curved kit

- Specific narrow bending radius

- extra fine surfaces with high mechanical resistance

- Almost invisible joins

- Use of wood with laminate, faced chipboard and other innovative materials

- Bending of semi-finished and post-formed bars through a special process, up to a width of 1.3 metres

- Thermoforming of PVC components on all 4 sides

- Facings of all types, ranging from veneer to paperboard, leather, classic laminate and matrix chipboard, as well as metals such as cor-ten steel

- Creation of fireproof and waterproof panels using special bonding agents

- Processing of 2D and 3D elements, including those with plywood, to achieve excellent value for money

- Use of lightened curved structural panels and hollow-core elements