Following market trends and staying in line with our main aim to satisfy demanding customers, we are in the position to offer various types of facings, thanks to our close interaction with certified, suppliers recognized nation- wide as part of our commitment to offer high quality products.

Please note that we are able to achieve the same finishings on linear furnishings as on standard-series.


If you desire an inimitable and exclusive product, choose wood as it adds value more than any other material. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we can source species from the main markets all over the world, offering a wide range of wood from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Moreover, we do our utmost to ensure that our supplies come from carefully managed forests.


Thanks to our immense production range, thickness and colour varieties, we can supply different embellishment solutions through our curved products which fit in perfectly with other standard commercial products, designers, architects and furniture manufacturers to guarantee long-lasting and resistant solutions.


PVC facings allow us to offer curved products at a highly competitive price, maintaining top quality, excellent resistance to fair wear-and-tear and abrasion. Our almost endless range of PVC colours and finishings ranging from wood to lacquered-effects, enables us to satisfy all manner of requirements.


By using faced chipboards together with a specific and highly innovative production process, we are able to manufacture curved products at a highly competitive cost. In addition, our various finishings and colour series enables us to supply original and durable solutions.


These finishings are becoming increasingly popular in Modern design as it creates myriad aesthetic options, regardless of the shape or curvature of the product. These lacquered finishings – whether mat, glossy or metallic – highlight the creativity and customs of our designs.