Costumer support

Our company philosophy places the customer in the first place, making their issues our main concern.Accordingly, we have implemented a system that allows us to offer an immediate and rapid connection to all technical, sales or administration contacts where your call will be received and your queries dealt by experts on the matter.


Veneta Curvi has a highly professional logistics department able to handle deliveries on all scales, by means of proper transport or groupage services, national and international shipments by air or sea.

Pre/post-sales support

Our sales policy starts from product supply, design and production performance to delivery and problem solving with an unflagging commitment on behalf of our qualified personnel to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

Technical support

Our expert inside team specialized in project feasibility studies and technical support, conducts ongoing research into new processes geared towards the use of innovative materials, all rigorously tested before use in order to guarantee unique permanent wood curving products created by Veneta Curvi

Product exclusivity

With the aim to set up a long lasting relationship with our customers, based on reliability and trust, we ensure the exclusivity and privacy of our product design, product competition and /or components liable to product grant or product pending.